Potent, Consistent & Reliable

Mary’s Whole Pet products are the most potent pet-targeted activated hemp oil products available.

Product potencies range between 50mg–900mg and are available in forms from natural bacon-flavored drops to our patented transdermal gel pen. Whether it is a drop in your pet’s food, a dab in the inner ear, or a rub on the paw pad, Mary’s Whole Pet has your furry friend covered!

Farm To Your Pet’s Table

The cannabinoid-rich hemp cultivar that is used to produce Marys Whole Pet is grown in the U.S.A. on Elite Botanicals’ family farm in Loveland, Colorado. The plants are organically cultivated and extracted, and produce a full spectrum oil that is purified through several filtration processes and then fractionally distilled to ensure the utmost potency, purity, and consistency.

We control the process from soil to oil to ensure the highest quality possible.

In addition to the 50-900mg of active compounds in the ultra-purified, fractionally distilled hemp oil per fl. oz., Mary’s Whole Pet products are formulated with purified hemp seed oil that is full of Omega 3 and 6, treating your pet from the inside out.

“Claude is a rescue. He has some anxiety. After I apply a little of Mary’s Whole Pet Gel to his inner ear, he is more at ease.”

David - Albany, NY

Mary’s Whole Pet line is already helping furry friends nationwide!

  • “Claude is a rescue. He has some anxiety. After I apply a little of Mary’s Whole Pet Gel to his inner ear, he is more at ease.”

    Albany, NY
  • “I take my 4-year-old Labrador running with me almost everyday. The pavement is hard on her paws. I am so happy that I’ve found Mary’s Buddy Balm! Whenever we get home from a run, I rub it on her paws and I can tell it brings her relief.”

    Dallas, TX
  • “Moose started to have some health issues and was clearly in pain. The vets were not sure what was going on. We tried Mary’s Whole Pet tincture (which is a delicious bacon flavor!) and within a few days he was playing and acting like himself again.”

    Atlanta, GA
  • “Otis is a (rambunctious) English bulldog, which are notorious for their dry, cracked noses. I keep Mary’s Buddy Balm on deck to moisturize our little guy’s nose a few times a week. He feels and looks like a king!”

    Denver, CO
  • “Hazel has pretty severe separation anxiety. A daily dose of Mary’s Gel Pen helps calm her down within 15 minutes!”

    Chattanooga, TN
  • “I was truly happy to finally find a reliable and strong product for my Rottweiler. The large Mary’s Whole Pet tincture lasts me just under a month and makes an amazing difference in his quality of life.”

    Seattle, WA
  • “After being in pain for weeks and no help from the veterinarians, we got Kaya on Mary’s Whole Pet tincture and she has been playful and pain free! She likes the flavor so much she just wants more!!!”

    San Francisco, CA

Product & Company Background

  • Product Research

    Mary’s Whole Pet product line is the result of customer demand for an alternative to traditional remedies for their furry friends and Elite Botanicals’ ongoing collaboration with Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine research project.

  • Product Cultivation

    Mary’s Nutritionals & Elite Botanicals have decades of cultivation experience and have spent years providing premium quality cannabinoid products to the marketplace. The cannabinoid rich hemp is cultivated using living soil organic principles, leveraging strictly organic inputs and in full compliance with the controls defined by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. More information on Elite Botanicals and the cultivation environments is available here and here.

  • Purity

    All of the activated hemp extract used in this product is cultivated on our farms, extracted in our laboratories, and bottled by our team – specifically to ensure you are receiving the highest quality product possible.

  • Validation

    Safety is important to us! We test every batch with a third party laboratory to ensure consistency, potency, purity, and safety.

Trust Your Source

American Farms, Trusted Farmers, Laboratory Validation

Research Backed

Ongoing Research Study Collaboration with Colorado State University