About Mary's Whole Pet Products

Safety Is Important To Us!

We test every batch to ensure consistency, potency, and safety

Small Pet

600mg Potency

20MG per ML/G, 30ML in a bottle. ELITE BOTANICALS 5May2017 042717 PETS 600MG-Potency

Medium Pet

1200mg Potency

Target of 40MG per ML/G, 30ML bottle. ELITE BOTANICALS 5May2017 042717 PETS 1200MG-Potency

Large Pet

2400mg Potency Test

Target 80mg per ML/G, 30ML per bottle. ELITE BOTANICALS 071217-WHOLE PETS-2400MG-Potency

Residual Solvents


This test is of the batch of CBD that was used in the formulation. While FDA standards allow for certain levels of solvents to be present, we prefer to see zero. Whole Pet CBD ensures safety and purity every time. ELITE BOTANICALS PETS 16Jun2017 -Residual Solvents (1)

Mold & Microbial Testing


The Mold & Microbial analysis ensures no harmful bacteria or mold is present in the product. ELITE BOTANICALS 19Jun2017 A1-Micro

Pesticide Analysis


We cultivate our own plants using organic farming principals and ensure strict compliance with the Department of Agriculture pesticide control standards. 20668_PST_Whole_Pet