About Products

Mary’s Whole Pet offers a selection of full spectrum hemp infused products for pets.

Mary’s Whole Pet Drops are available in two potencies (300mg and 900mg) based on the pet’s weight.  The drops come in a delicious natural bacon flavor can be applied to food, a treat or directly to the back of the tongue. They are intended as a proactive daily cannabinoid therapy for optimum health.

Mary’s Whole Pet Gel Pen is a patented transdermal gel pen containing 50 (1mg) doses of activated hemp extract. After application to the inner ear, contents are delivered transdermally into pet’s bloodstream for full body relief in as fast as 5 minutes and lasting up to 4 hours.

Mary’s Buddy Balm contains 75mg of activated hemp extract, which is known to provide natural anti-inflammatory effects. It is formulated to address a variety of skin problems including dry skin, cracked nose or paws, hot spots and surface wounds. The balm is in a convenient, no mess dispenser and includes a special blend of essential oils to provide a calming effect.

Whole Pet Capsules are accurately dosed at 25mg hemp extract and 450mg omegas per capsule. They are great for maintaining and improving skin and coat, as well as overall health. The capsules are intended for proactive daily cannabinoid therapy and are a great alternative to the tincture application method.

Every batch of Mary’s Whole Pet products is evaluated by a third-party laboratory to ensure consistency, potency, purity, and safety.

Test results related to potency, pesticides, mold and residual solvents are available upon request and can also be found below.

Residual Solvents


This test is of the batch of CBD that was used in the formulation. While FDA standards allow for certain levels of solvents to be present, we prefer to see zero. Whole Pet CBD ensures safety and purity every time. ELITE BOTANICALS PETS 16Jun2017 -Residual Solvents (1)

Mold & Microbial Testing


The Mold & Microbial analysis ensures no harmful bacteria or mold is present in the product. ELITE BOTANICALS 19Jun2017 A1-Micro

Pesticide Analysis


We cultivate our own plants using organic farming principals and ensure strict compliance with the Department of Agriculture pesticide control standards. 20668_PST_Whole_Pet