Has this product been researched?

Yes. Following our ongoing collaboration with university research studies and the positive results, we are proud to have Mary’s Whole Pet products available to the public through our our website and retail partners nationwide.

An early link to information about the study is available here.

Is this a hemp or medical cannabis product?

When asked if our plants are hemp or cannabis, there is a bit of clarification needed:

In botanical terms, all are ‘cannabis’ (‘marijuana’ is just a derogatory term used during prohibition). Hemp is generally referring to fiber and oilseed varieties that produce very little in the way of cannabinoids such as CBD. Some companies (primarily in Europe where there is an abundance of hectares of fiber and oilseed hemp) will process massive amounts of bulk to retrieve small amounts of oil/cannanbinoids. On the other side of the cannabis family are what are considered drug varieties and they come in 4 primary ‘types’ – three of which include: Type1=THC dominant, Type 2=balanced THC:CBD, and Type 3 = CBD dominant.

In Colorado – there is a unique situation where farmers are allowed to grow CBD rich cannabis strains (type 3 drug varieties), harvest them at a strategic date/timeframe, and maintain compliance with ‘industrial hemp’ regulations – that is ensuring there is very little (below .3% THC) in the final plant material. This allows for the ‘hemp’ farms to produce a full-spectrum cannabinoid rich oils that are still derived from ‘industrial hemp’.

So while we call our plants ‘hemp’, that is simply a nomenclature issue based on regulatory compliance.

In the words of the late Jack Herer – “It’s all hemp! Food, Fiber, Fuel, and Medicine!”

Is this product legal?

Yes. These products are derived from compliant industrial hemp crops harvested in Colorado and audited by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. All oils were processed in Elite Botanicals’ laboratories in Loveland, Colorado.

What is the appropriate dosage?

The doctors that we collaborate with have recommended between 1/2 to 1mg per pound of the pet’s body weight for our tinctures and 1mg per 10 pounds of the pet’s body weight for our gel pens, as they are transdermal. Our buddy balm can be applied as needed.

For our tinctures, increments up to a full ML is marked on each graduated dropper to help ensure you provide consistent amounts to your pet.

  • The 600mg Small tincture has 20mg per ML
  • The 1200mg Medium tincture has 40mg per ML
  • The 2400mg Large tincture has 80mg per ML
  • The Gel Pen has 1mg per pump
  • The Buddy Balm has 75mg per 1.10oz

Feel free to start lower, but also note that the studies we have been involved in went up to a significantly higher dosage amount with no negative side effects.

Where can I purchase Mary’s Whole Pet products?

National sales and wholesale distribution is currently available through this website. You can also find our retail partner list on the home page. If you are interested in becoming a distributor or wholesaler, please contact sales@maryswholepet.com.

Will these products get my pet ‘high’?

No. While our oils are full spectrum whole-plant extractions, there are only trace amounts of THC (the chemical in cannabis that gets you ‘high’) in the oils used in Mary’s Whole Pet products.